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November 27, 2014

Not everyone knows this, but we actually serve food at the studio. We have fantastic dishes ranging from poached salmon, gnocchi carbonara, fried chicken, garlic-parmesan chips and more. Our food menu is available from 10 am onwards everyday.

Happy Sunday! Allow us to make your mouth water for a bit. Come on over? We're open til 7pm today. #EDSABDG

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Garlic parmesan potato chips + @craftpointbrew's Summer Sessions = winning combination. Their blonde ale is light, refreshing and very remniscent of a relaxing summer day. We're proud to say that Craftpoint Brewing Co. is one of our collaborators and they brew and conduct their awesome experiments within the walls of our studio. Swing by tonight for a taste of the good stuff! #EDSABDG #CraftPointBrewingCo #CraftBeer

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Something new to try on our menu: Brioche with a trio of jams. Bacon, fig and nutella. Have it with a coffee or a fresh soda. See you! #EDSABDG #SpecialtyCoffee #BreakfastMenu

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How about an afternoon snack? Our Sardines Aglio Olio pairs perfectly with a Fresh Lemon Saccharum Soda. Come on over for a good time. #EDSABDG #SardinesAglioOlio #LemonSoda

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When we were building The Sunny Side Café in Boracay, we wanted to make sure that we had absolutely the best coffee on the island. The team from EDSA Beverage Group did not disappoint. They guided us every step of the way from coffee selection, equipment, training and set up.

Nowie, Owner of Sunny Side Café

Our simple seaside coffee shop has gained a devoted following among the surf, travel and La Union local communities on the merit of our delicious coffee. This is in large part because of the excellent training and outstanding supply of coffee and machinery provided by EDSA Beverage Design Group.

Kiddo Cosio, El Union

The passion of the people in EDSA is just so intense that it makes us feel so proud that we are one of their clients/partners. EDSA is never selfish with knowledge in their craft— this is why we put so much trust in this group and we are happy everytime we recommend them to potential clients.

Dom Hernandez, Co-founder, Third District

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